About Roger Steffen,

     Roger was born in north east Pennsylvania. Self taught pianist and composer. His influences are Beethoven, Claude Debussy, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Yanni, George Winston, Yiruma and Yoke Wong.
     His humble beginnings as an orphan landed him in good homes with caring people to guide him. He emerged into a farmer, bricklayer, and truck driver.

     He is proud to have three accomplished childeren and to have had an exceptional wife. In time he has walked on in life alone, hampered by mental illness. In that war ,he rises at times to help those much worse off.  Roger has taken time to learn and embrace training for a grass roots organization call NAMI (national alliance on mental illness) namicsv.org .   It has significantly changed his life. It is his goal to help others find there way to some kind of peace and happiness and provide them with a few music ideas that they may find comforting in this rugged life we travail.
     In keeping an early pledge to give a gift to society for his good fortune, he has kept that dream that passion alive and now delivers that gift , his music, for any one that cares to listen…!!!

    roger has the ability to walk to the piano and record on one take. Most of his compositions where done this way although at times he will choose to work with a slower process and take a few days to decide on a path to an end . A lot of his music is written on manic highs. He does not practice so to speak because he generally just moves to the next piece.  If he did more performing he says it would be important to practice but that is another arena.

    Roger resides in    Catawissa, PA.

Email  address    rogersteffen@gmail.com


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