Welcome to my website.

    Here you will find my piano music, my vocals and the poetry i have written over the last few years... I hope you enjoy it as much as i did creating it...!!!  

  Please consider listening to My latest work's    

       r.steffen   pianist, composer self taught

My gift to the world for given the fair chance to thrive.

As i was raised in 5 homes until i was 12 yrs old.(very proud of that and surviving...couldn't of done it with out the backing of all of these people especially that last set that i call family)


All works recorded at my home studio extemporaneously ...i use a kaiwia mp8 ll keyboard with wooden weighted keys...mixcraft pro studio 7 ,simple easy but very good...the best hand built pc with a 40 lane intel  6 core 12 thread asus rampage v  extreme 3.1 motherboard (over kill ...way over kill ) with 2 m.2 ssd drives i7 5930k cpu...saffire pro 40 audio interface couple mics... 50 inch flat screen tv with 4k resolution because i am very close to screen ..every thing is packed in tight but it works....and vienna symphony instrument software ....(pic below) mixcraft has an abundance of instrument some very good quality i might say...and tons of loops ...pianoteq piano software ($99) thats a cheap grand piano...

also i want to give credit to people of whom i used images off of google... working a remedy soon for it... as i have never received a single permission or even a reply ....just saying ...hate to put it in my intro but it is important... thank you to whom it may concern ...thinking of correcting this with a new camera and make own pics as soon as i wrap my head around what will work for the buck..

                             r.steffen 2016

recording studio


Coming soon... "From the heart" (quadruple bypass surgery 2/29/2016





and his




everyone else 



piano for the left hand only (starting over feb 29, 2016).mp3


written for :Adalynn

written on one of the first days of spring



it was a nice day and i could smell the rain coming ...

even though it was a long way off...!!!

Fur Elizabeth...

Love on an August Night 

In honor of my mother and father's 50th wedding aniversery.

 August 22,  1964

I arrived on April 11, 1968 right before Easter...

with a small suitcase and a bag of pretzels my departing mother gave me as a treat...

it was hard to eat the last one in my new room.

round prezel logs.

In memory of a friends fathers passing.

My spin on "Hurt" Trent Reznor "nine inch nails"

hurt with changes july 5.mp3

"Wounded Heart" 

  "Wounded Hearts"

The terrible things that happened at the end of the year... left me with out words and drove me to my piano

to find the sense in it... well their is none... sometimes we are driven to make do...their are no words to describe how i felt... as a poet, i just could not rise above it... i let you with an other language... "music"


"Wounded Hearts" 

 a glass of wine... two beers a shot

three beers... two more tall ones

a bluthner piano extemporaneous fingers

my broken heart... mistakes and all 

that how tragedy is...

 lonely fearful and if your lucky 

on your last day

ya think back

and their is no fear

and you take it all home

for my children

 will not have 

"wounded hearts"


in the year of our lord


"unlock my heart"

when i set at my piano

 and close my eyes 

i see color no disguise

i touch keys that unlock my heart

then i sail away

to some distant sea

and unload 

from my soul 

all debris

r.steffen... along time ago

 A group i donate time to...!!!


(National Alliance on Mental Illness)

its hard to explain

the self-transcendence

  one gets

from the experience 

of helping others

less fortunate

like walking up a stair case

the one that's hidden in all our minds

we open it rarely

some never

to see what could be

that's what NAMI

 is to me

 come join us !!!


 looking in to the stars 

one late equinox night

"national alliance on mental illness"

Dion PandH Piano 


It is not a word, nor a single action. 

In truth, it can never be wrong 

Like the sunrise, perfect in every possible way.

It is many things and yet it must exist 

In the small space of the heart.

Once found it can bloom endlessly, with no cease.

It can choke one's throat, bring one to tears...

But it never hides in shadows or in darkness 

It never feeds itself on deception.

It grows with trust, honesty and compassion. 

Nothing less, always more. 


    I composed and performed "FOREVER" in 2005 in memory of two southern football players who drowned while at football camp. That year southern Columbia football team started each game with only 9 players en route to a PIAA state championship.

   Finding my way home was composed in 2009.  this piano music was done  while in a manic episode.  

Thoughts was composed as a wedding gift september 25, 2010

Disharmonies  was composed for a friends new boyfriend 

   Vocals  "Could it be "(2010) and "two nickels in my pocket"(2009) were composed and performed by me for a close friend.

  Karen's song again was composed and performed by me for another close friend in 2010.  Karen a friends of mine was sereverly burn while wearing a mohair sweater and required extensive skin grafting.


    I don't expect you to listen to all my piano music...some of my favorites are Karen's song,  FOREVER THEME track 6,  finding my way home track 1,    forever piano "mothers theme"  track 17.

sounds i never heard before.mp3


karens song july 15.mp3

06 Track 6.mp3

01 Track 1.mp3

17 Track 17.mp3

A new meaning that tests the

definition of


Liu Wei's

first competition on








Thank you


stopping in !!!

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